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Over Online Best Private Server Cap 120 D13 Free Silk, Item Sun At NPC,Auto Event,Unique Rank and More.
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Commenting news : New Update 28/2/2017

(Player) ahmedsdekk45

Posted at Mar 2 2017 4:04PM


(Administrator) overonline75

Posted at Mar 3 2017 9:05PM

how i can help you?

(Player) ahmedsdekk45

Posted at Mar 6 2017 11:15AM

Me Have Some Speed  Need To Replace It From Char To Another Char 

(Player) over333

Posted at Mar 6 2017 11:17AM

[GM] a7med ME Was 0_Antika_0 Me Need You Open My Char From Block  ana Me Need Title Name 


(Player) alicafe

Posted at Jul 4 2017 10:52AM



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You Can lock ur items with ur secret lock to screen and lock ur items :-

Put ur item in first slot like screen;-

Send msg to OVER and write LOCK (ur Secret) and send it:-

ur item lock Successfully.

To unlock ur item Send msg to OVER and Write Unlock (ur Secret) and send it:-

Surprise :-

You can donate full account like:

-[ 3 x weapon +20 (stat 100%), set +16 with acc (stat 100%), honor buff, devil +10 and vip (2x Weapon 20 Free) for 350 LE only ]

-[ 2 x weapon +20 (stat 100%), set +16 with acc (stat 100%), devil +10 and vip (Weapon +20 Free) for 250 LE only ].

-[ Weapon +20 (stat 100%) , Set +16 With acc (stat 100%) , Devil +10 (Vip Free) For 150 LE Only

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For More Info You Can Call 01273835399

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Hotan: Wicked Tax: 20%
Bandit: HATERSMASTER Tax: 20%
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Server info : Over-Online

Players online: 55/1000
Max online: 60
Experience rate: 15x
Party Experience rate: 25x
Gold drop coeficent: 5x
Item drop coeficent: 6x

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